To click or not to click...

Issue 201 | 9 November 2021

In this edition of Payments:Unpacked Extra! we are pleased to feature a webinar sponsored by Answer Pay: “To click or not to click... The battle to keep mobile bill payments safe for data.”

To click or not to click... The battle to keep mobile bill payments safe for data

Roundtable: 1pm GMT - 23rd November 2021 - An Expert Panel Discussion Sponsored by Answer Pay

Pay by link is growing in use within the financial services industry, as banks and other financial services companies adopt the mechanism in their apps to service growing demands for mobile payments.  But does that make sense when it encourages payers to click on links?

The panel

Google the term ‘pay by link’ and you will return a succession of promotions by providers suggesting this approach is useful, convenient and secure.

Tech leaders in banks and financial services businesses know there is an audience of buyers today that want to do everything on their mobile phone. For these mobile warriors, the smartphone in their pocket has become their primary computing device. In consequence, demands for mobile payments are on the rise. 

The solution for many app makers is pay by link.  It’s relatively straightforward to implement, and accessible too—but is it the right thing to adopt, when the information security industry has worked so hard to encourage consumers NOT to click on links?  And is there an alternative? 

Time to take a closer look

Mike Chambers, Chairman of Answer Pay thinks it’s time the industry takes a closer look at the risks of pay by link to consumers before the ‘cat really does get out of the bag.’

With the best of intentions, banks and other financial services companies are enhancing their mobile apps to serve a growing demand for bill payments on the move. Pay by link is an obvious technical construct to explore to achieve that, but no matter how secure any given solution might be, the use of Pay by Link creates confusion for consumers who’ve been advised for more than a decade not to click on links. This industry direction places demands on the maturity and digital know-how of consumers to distinguish fake solutions from legitimate vendor tools and links.

The roundtable will be hosted by Phil Cracknell, former Cabinet Office Cyber Security Lead, and notable CISO advisor. Cracknell believes that the industry should be thinking hard about any decisions to adopt pay by link, regardless of the safeguards framed around it.

CTOs are under great pressure to bring bill payments to mobile platforms, but this ‘goldrush agenda’ by individual companies risks creating an industry behaviour that places consumers in an impossible situation.

Owing to the rampant growth in phishing attacks, security practitioners like me have been working tirelessly to discourage users to click on links that might not be safe. Now it seems we’re saying—‘You know how I’ve been advising you for years not to trust links, well some of them are now okay.’ I think it’s confusing and, my suspicion is, others would agree.

Why Attend?

Chaired by Phil Cracknell, former Cabinet Office Cyber Security Lead and serial CISO in the UK information security industry, join our virtual event to hear what our roundtable of information security experts have to say.  Are there advantages to pay by link?  What other mobile bill payment alternatives exist?  And what does the future outlook look like? 


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