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Ask the Payment Systems Regulator - a Q&A podcast with Nick Davey (Audio)

Ask the Payment Systems Regulator - a Q&A podcast with Nick Davey (Audio)

Issue 441a | 19 January 2023

Ask the Payment Systems Regulator - a Q&A podcast with Nick Davey

Nick Davey from the Payment Systems Regulator joins us for our latest Payments:Unpacked video podcast.

In this podcast Nick answers questions that have been asked by readers of the Payments:Unpacked newsletter and Mike’s Linked In connections.

Hear Nick’s answers to:

  • What are the biggest near-term challenges for New Payments Architecture? Teresa Connors, Payment Matters

  • During the pandemic a number of banks introduced measures such as mortgage holidays to help people cope with the extraordinary circumstances they found themselves in.  Given the impact of the cost of living crisis and recent surveys highlighting customer frustrations with banking support, will the regulators consider intervening to ensure the necessary payment flexibility?  Peter Cornforth, Answer Pay

  • How big is the risk of a catastrophic payments hack by a bad actor supported by quantum computers, and how can that risk be minimised ? John Wisbey, Entrepreneur and Innovator

  • Will you please take a close look at ‘pay by link’ (initiating a payment or payment request via SMS or Email) and either legislate against it, or insist of additional measures to protect against APP scams initiated through ‘pay by link’. Ideally, perhaps you should outlaw it AND tell the banks to adopt Pay.UK’s much more secure request to pay messaging scheme. Chris Vincent, Exela Technologies

  • Who are the influential stakeholders in the fraud chain?  Teresa explains that harm is in play before the payment journey is made, what discussion / progress is being made in combining preventative effort with other non FI stakeholders? Teresa Connors, Payment Matters

  • Why do the PSR only recruit in London? Stephen Moore

  • Supported by Chris Higham: “Seconded! Forward thinking financial institutions are tapping into the talent across the country (as indeed are government departments) - it feels like the regulators should be taking advantage as well

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